Shanghai Rong Jing Shanghai company dedicated to micro-credit financial services financial services platform.

Shanghai Rong Jing financial services executives consider "Shanghai micro-credit" base moved into Shanghai comprehensive financial service area, as well as "Shanghai microfinance" contact cooperative law firms, bad laws and to undertake risk analysis of loan payment and other matters.

upload data auditing 1, ordinary members, and approved before you can apply for VIP members, VIP Member information costs 150 Yuan/year (after applying for VIP successfully deducted).

2, borrowing successful management fee: charged in the loan period, 0.5% charge on the loan principal each month, administrative expenses, excluding interest, not refunded, deducted directly in the loan amount. (Seconds mark also does not charge management fees charged amount of the net 0.3%).

Release 3, if the borrower's loan bids, all responsibility is borne by the borrower, the site when the times does not charge management fees, does not bear any responsibility.

4, when the borrower loans overdue, initiative to declare and to take positive steps to repayment, the site will try to help them solve difficulties. If the borrower escaping, don't answer the phone or stop evading debts, will be punished by the penalty interest, overdue arrears charge penalty interest of overdue principal amount of 8 per thousand per day, plus telephone collection costs more than 30 days overdue 4 per thousand a day.

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Shanghai thaw King financial service company will mortgage borrowing with "quality" mark, is company after line Xia strictly review borrowing people assets liabilities, and delegate and Shanghai thaw King financial service company cooperation of third party institutions (like: car, and intermediary guarantees company,) on its for strictly audit and the assessment, handle good assets mortgage, and pledge, procedures, both agreed borrowing interest rate Hou, again by borrowing people in Shanghai thaw King financial service company platform released borrowing information.