1, scam case in late 2014, friends Alumni let him leave a contact, but the friends only, have added an app. Suddenly one day, micro-mail contacted him to let him go to a goat coin, which, thanks to small 3000.

because once there, the salesperson said the fourth series of the Renminbi will soon be delisted once the delisting has great value to the collection. Friends don't trust, they promised that they can also be responsible for auctions, earnings 10% company, left to his own, so will he make money, need to collect only 1.5 to two years before they can sell.

anyway, the other is talk advocates valuable, persuaded colleagues to buy it. Eventually, the friends did not ban the temptation to spend 2760 bought two sets. What now? Money in hand, they heard from. We think back, in fact, even if the fourth set of renminbi is out of circulation, nor significant appreciation in one or two years. Planning June to Taobao search the keywords "fourth series of the Renminbi", as a result, 730, baby. So-called collection Taobao can do?

television advertising for the so-called Qing Ming Shang he TU stamps and the like, thousands of bucks, says real, is obviously deceptive. Say Taobao is really good place for comparison, friend each took 1380, while Taobao only hundreds of dollars, really sad for him. Fortunately, this "tuition fees" isn't much compared to the examples below, consider themselves unlucky, after long memory.

"tell me that such coins will increase by several times, and I think this is an opportunity to get rich, inviting. "Nearly seven years old uncle Liu's chagrin. Just a month ago, the old man in the Park listening to "salesman," haste, bought a total of more than 40,000 yuan of "commemorative coins", unexpectedly, after payment for the elderly, it would "evaporate".

2, scam revealed "our country support the emerging cultural industries, our mortgage to your stamps and coins, you give us the money, we hyped these stamps and coins, a three-month returns of more than 10%, return 30% to 50% half a year, the long-term rates of return can double for more than a year. "

that took place in Beijing in 2011 to de art hid company postal currency fraud, allegedly cheated a total of more than 160 people amounted to 13 million. These scammers training staff by phone, SMS, spot in the Park to the community, including public awareness. And then in the name of selling stamps, coins and other collectibles, oral commitment expiration increases buyback. After the expiration of such as delays or additional swap means refusing to buy back, for the purpose of defrauding victims of money.

coin collection 3, email scams common scam 1: false testimonials those cheats to your buyers ' confidence, using high-tech means to forge the certificate concerned. Now that can be prevented, we can do more in private lessons, when trading in the eyes, identification verifying the authenticity of the certificate.

trick 2: fictitious auction to put it bluntly, is some illegal workers pretend to be auctioned to companies (actually isn't really an auction company, is one of them). If you have goods to sell a good price, to the formal auction company, you just collect the money on the line but once handed over to the "auction", then there will be no return.

trick 3: error replace the wrong version of the coin between one "version" Word, but values vary. The wrong version of the coin means there was an error in design and plate making, and the error is because of reasons such as print in money production process errors that occur.

on the market many of the wrong version of coin error pseudo, these defective products are simply worthless and nature have no collection value. For coins on the market value and pursue careers, collection and prices rise, investors must beware of "coin value", "currency collection" scam, don't take the crooks "double earn", "overnight" myth. Ordinary people manage to eat and drink, and players just zhongcai, yet don't read the entire collection this investment in high-end and wrong, when a hobby is enough.