Better deal more strength? Count the P2P investing mistakes

error: principal and interest guaranteed commitments are safer now, many Internet financial platform play "breakeven baoxi", "guarantee company" words, some investors see the callout trust investments, sit back and relax.

but promises it was promises, problems do not arise in the event of overdue risk, platforms will really deliver, that's another story.

for investors, and is not concerned about whether net lending platform on "capital preservation baoxi", "guarantee", the words ", but to choose safe and secure platform, especially from the operations team, shareholder background and other aspects of the platform choice. In addition, advised investors not to pursue the highly profitable network credit products, especially now the economy is in a downward cycle, to the pursuit of prudent investment. Better deal more strength?

myth: celebrity "endorsement" is a secure platform today, by celebrities for the Internet financial enterprises "eye" in number. Consumers may favor celebrity "endorsement" or P2P platform businesses.

generally speaking, celebrities are very conscious of their reputation, to a certain extent there would be safeguards, but that does not mean that the platform must be high quality. First of all, some celebrities simply huge endorsement fees, does not understand the operation of the business.

Secondly, some platform taken out of context, exaggerated, or are even concocted manner without the celebrity's knowledge there is no authority for its own advertising platform. Investors, in fact, never mind how to distinguish between true and false, and only needs to be done is the conviction that financial rules and common sense not pie in the sky.


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