Delayed retirement "pension squeeze" do you agree?

had known tight pensions, but unexpectedly, strained to such an extent, eating "deficit", so "don't arrive".  

Ministry of Finance recently issued the 2014 notes on the national social security fund accounts showed that workers ' basic old-age insurance fund in enterprises, eliminating subsidies and other income, in 2014, the basic old-age insurance premium income to 1.8726 trillion yuan; basic pension payments for 1.9045 trillion yuan, balance is negative, negative 31.9 billion yuan, a payment deficit for the first time.

How to understand this deficit of 31.9 billion yuan? You know, consists of basic old-age insurance premium income, pension income subsidy and interest income, and so in eliminating subsidies and other income payments, can better observe the actual situation.  The deficit of 31.9 billion yuan, breaking the 2004 annual surplus of our pension insurance status.

there the "deficit" people long ago psychologically prepared.  Recently published by the party's 18 study questions in plenary have revealed: in 2014, the basic old-age insurance for enterprise employees funds after deducting the subsidy, arrived in provinces not receiving up to 22 in the current period.

now, the great challenges facing the sustainability of the pension, if calculated according to the existing 300 billion yuan of subsidies by 2024, trillion fiscal balances will be exhausted. So, then, what should I do? Academy of social sciences, experts suggest, is the most effective way, raising the retirement age and increase received basic old-age pension age.  Meanwhile, improve investment yields on pension insurance to reduce the pension gap is also helpful.

CASS experts three recommendations, two, we have heard of, called "raising the retirement age" and "improve investment yields on pension insurance". Implemented gradually raising the retirement age, has been discussed for a long time; the next year "pension market" has also been guaranteed, just "improved receiving basic old-age pension age" this proposal is a fresh way of thinking.  In many people's eyes, this was interpreted as a "delayed retirement", triggered heated discussion.

Netizen "Yin Yuping" says, "deferred pension" is let people cool.  Basic strategy to increase financial input is the solution, cannot rely on loss of rights guaranteed to make up the shortfall.

This makes some sense.  The Social Security Act Government grants as a source of basic old-age insurance fund statutory, and specified that the basic old-age insurance fund paid is insufficient, the Government subsidies.

but the fiscal pressure is too great. According to the Treasury data, insurance subsidies from 54.4 billion yuan increased rapidly in 2003 to 2014 330.9 billion yuan, 11 years subsidies have risen 5 times.  Some economically less-developed areas in China, the use of unemployment insurance funds, the work injury insurance fund and other savings to help fund retiree pension "issue" has been an open secret, some local officials said, for the carrying of cash flow "was commonly said" risks.

listeners also stated that, to get the money, more than I paid, and without question?  SOEs should speed up pensions, ease the dilemma of paying civil servants of the people.

this statement is not entirely correct. I was quoted the other day on excellent customer workshops founder Mao Daqing said, today we are 900 million people to feed 500 million people in China, but in another 15 years, 500 million people to feed 900 million people. Now pay the pensions of people should still be more than pensioners.  "The SOEs to accelerate the pension" call enough.

over the years, do not pay pension insurance for civil servants and civil service retirement income is paid by the State finance and public pensions about 3 times higher than the corporate pensions, calls to dual combination has been very strong.

If gradually unified, large numbers of young civil servants pay endowment insurance, pension fund around "make ends meet" issue will indeed be improved. The good news is that the country advance pension "merged" formally entered a substantial start-up phase, after the unification, nearly 40 million institution staff will be saying goodbye to the "fee-free" era.


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