Second child age perspective: calculates economic accounts alive or not?

11:30 A.M. November 13, 38, Yan Zhang out of the third affiliated hospital of Guangzhou Medical University's door, heaved a long sigh of relief. Well, finally able to make a decision. She glanced at the line side by side with her husband, said it was unhappy. Her husband Hu Dan apparently depressed, replied: not born without.

Yan Zhang said nearly half a month, two children, has become her husband and keywords of everyday conversation. Every family gathering, three sentences does not leave "does not have a second child" topic. Now, all the entanglements, can finally because of a "difficult pregnancy" diagnosis and draw a full stop.

Yan Zhang consideration scales, one side is the desire for themselves and their families to two children, is the daughter of their fertility, psychological acceptance, home affordability, family planning, career planning concerns. "1000 reasons for wanting to have another, there are 1000 do not want to have another reason. "

she said. Clearly, the tangle of Yan Zhang, is actually a family struggle. With this kind of Kinky and definitely Yan Zhang more than one person. Two-child vision: Yan Zhang wanted to repeat the experience raising a child process still remember crowding the screen by friends that on October 29. The day is Thursday, pushed open the door her home, first jumped into the eye is red roses on the table.

in her mind, has found a husband sent her flowers when is the last time. And then, just like the TV show recurring segment, her husband came out of the kitchen, carrying hot dishes, with a smiling face, trace of excitement in her voice and please: "wife, we can have a son! "An hour later, Yan Zhang's mother-in-law on the phone. Two women not usually close, unspoken geothermal complex a lot. Finally, she said, Oh, you are going to have. Yan Zhang said that must be! Must be!

Yan Zhang said that she really wanted to. Yan Zhang, of raising a daughter is very beautiful. 14 years old daughter, cute, pretty, and is still a primary school bully. "That accompany a life increasingly powerful, rich feeling fantastic, I was slowly growing. "She said that she wanted to have another child the most raw power. "My husband and mother-in-law may wish I gave birth to a son, but I don't like, I just want to repeat the experience of raising children better process. "

Yan Zhang to another, there is a practical consideration. Is to have the daughter grows up to have a psychological kinship support. She always see the child alone. "Although she would probably need a 14 years younger than her brother or sister to play with. "She said," but, after all, blood is thicker than water, and one day, we're old, gone, her own partner, there is also a blood relative, he at least does not have that kind of a helpless feeling. "

  also take into account children: daughter to accept? Who is going to take? Yan Zhang delighted mood did not last too long. The next day was Friday, the daughter came home from boarding school, one mother to another, was surprised with his mouth wide. "I'm 14 years old and do not want to have a little brother or sister, feeling too embarrassed. "Daughters face was incredible. Yan Zhang suddenly realized, are used to "pet" 's daughter, brother or sister would not be a welcome this plan.

she and her husband, as well as their parents ' generation, have become used to all the love a child who may not be "measured" and "assigned" their love. Family conflicts are not so much a fuse? Daughter let her age accounts. "MOM, when you retire, the brother or sister is not to go to College in the future too! "Yan Zhang suddenly thought, when MOM was angry with myself for nearly 40 years, she worries about the health of life from small to large in the shadows, and she began to shake.


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