North Canton deep house prices continue to rise before or by the end of the stimulus

closely watched first-tier cities House prices the latest data released yesterday. NBS data showed October deep price per cent still maintained positive growth of North Canton, North of Guangzhou-Shenzhen prices narrowed gains occur.  Experts believe that the real estate market will continue to heat up, the main city of the future is expected before the end of the further relaxation and even stronger policies to stimulate the property market expected, future drop down, one of the fastest reduction of effective policy implementation will be published.

recently, the real estate good policy repeatedly.  Not just another "double flat" benchmark lending rates to new lows, mortgage costs are further reduced, but experts generally believe that "full-child" policy suggested that the positive long-term development of the property market.

under the stimulus, a city still maintained a positive growth.  Overall, Rose City has reached 16, which gains the highest city of Shenzhen jumped up to 40.5%, and Shanghai gained 12.7%, or 8.1% in Beijing, Guangzhou or 7.1%.  

Asia Marketing Director Guo Yi hao institutions believe that adsorption effect which is based on population, but in the presence of restriction policies, increase of the demand, would lose the basis for continue to prop up the housing market to pick up.

However, from the ring in October, deep in the four cities of North Canton, with the exception of newly-built commercial housing in Shanghai rose 2.1%, compared to September gains increased 0.2%, gains in the other three cities have declined.  Shenzhen declined most significantly, reduced 2.8% per cent per cent, followed by Guangzhou, reduced by 0.6 per cent per cent, lowest in Beijing, up a 0.3%.

Bank of communications, according to Bureau of statistics data from the Center for financial studies, October 70 cities in newly-built commodity housing price rises from the arithmetic mean of 0.07%, up significantly from the previous month to narrow 14%.  First, second and third tier cities from the arithmetic mean of which were 1.22%, 0.14% and 0.12%, were eased from the previous month.  

Guo Yi think, Beijing, and Guangzhou, and Shenzhen prices chain gains of received narrow, reflected out current market purchase needs weak of status, due to four a line city still implementation with strictly of limited purchased policy, so last year began many loose regulation policy of introduced just prompted property appeared short warming, in Digest has 5 years purchased in the, accumulated down of both has purchase qualification, paid capacity and strong of part guest group Hou, end line City real estate market again appeared has subsequent unable to of situation.

in Beijing, in October a new commercial housing rose by 0.8%, housing rose by 1.1%.  Overall, markets are still significantly higher, slower gains than in the previous few months.

Zhongyuan real estate Chief Analyst Zhang Dawei think, Beijing appeared price gains cut of reasons many, main has holiday holiday effect, September-October of holiday, and parade are effect has signed data; Tongzhou limited purchased of effect, Tongzhou market changes dramatic, September-October compared zhiqian reduced close thousand sets; Beijing internal market also appeared has differentiation, new housing residential Beijing 90 square meters following houses because since housing concentrated signed, effect, price chain compared are down, but large type part,  In particular the clear trend of high-end real estate prices up.  

for future house price trends, Zhang Dawei is expected, beginning of the end of the year 2016 and major urban real estate market will still have to heat up, house prices trend upward, but differentiation will continued to be the main feature.

real estate policy in the future, Guo Yi expects further easing by the end even stronger policies to stimulate the property market expected, future drop down, one of the fastest reduction of effective policy implementation will be published.


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