Rising city was increased from 16 to a number of experts call next year prices

on November 18, NBS data released showed that in October, the newly-built commercial residential and second-hand house prices rose respectively the number of urban growth. Experts said that under the influence of good policy, house prices will rise next year. Statistics showed that in October, the new housing and second-hand home prices rose city number 16 and 24, respectively, last month increased 4 and 9, respectively.

70 cities in new housing and second-hand house prices average inflation continues to expand, expand by 1.5 and 1.4%, respectively. Significant differences in prices among different cities per cent rise. National Bureau of statistics Liu Jianwei of urban senior statisticians said that in October, the new urban housing and second-hand house prices are rising, and relatively large gains, rose last month by 2.4 and 1.1%, respectively. Second-tier city of newly-built commercial housing prices fell 1.9%, 0.9% decline was narrower than last month. Three new urban housing and second-hand house prices fell, but the decline narrowed 0.7 last month and 1%, respectively.

centaline's Chief Analyst Zhang Dawei said in the securities Journal reporter, beginning of the end of the year 2016 and is expected, mainly urban real estate market will still have to heat up, the policy continues to loose, the household registration policy, credit policy is expected to release positive effects for real estate.

house prices trend upward, but Division continued to be the main character. Economist Ren Zeping, analyst at guotai Junan securities, told the securities said in an interview with the daily, the current economy growth in a shifting point, high growth era are gone. Typical forms of economic growth shifting from real estate long term inflection point occurred.

the next 10 years, a city House prices will rise another 1 time. E-House Research Institute think-tank, Center Director Yan Yuejin said, both in terms of supply and demand, monetary policy and market expectations, rising home prices are a formidable market characteristics. 2016 home prices will continue to rise, and to be alert to some of those gains a relatively large city.


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