China Forbes 10 most young total value of nearly $ 20 billion

recently issued by 2015 China 400 rich list, this year's list of the 400 richest people, combined wealth grow to $ 830 billion in 2014 from $ 680 billion.  Of the 400 richest people, only 28 years old, Wang Han of juneyao group, worth up to $ 1.31 billion, 2015 is the youngest Chinese billionaires.  

Taiwan ettv news ETtoday reported on November 2, this year, China's most wealthy young shiweiyiwan:

first name: Wang Han, worth 1.31 billion dollars, 28, No. 216 in the rich 400 list.

in May, the family name of Wang Han juneyao airlines successful IPO, Wang Han was first to the youngest billionaire on the Forbes list of China's richest man. After his father died in 2004, Wang Han inherited shares of juneyao airlines.  He also holds shares of the listed stores East.  

second: Yang Huiyan, worth $ 5.1 billion, 34 years old, rich 400 list No. 224.

in 2007, father YEUNG Kwok keung property developer country garden holdings transferred to the daughter of Yang's name, Yang became the company's largest shareholder, with $ 16.2 billion worth in the year as China's richest man.  But since then, her assets have been unable to break through the numbers.  

third place: Wang Tao, worth $ 3.6 billion, 34 years old, rich 400 list ranked 34th.  

unmanned aerial vehicle industry was born in the world's first billionaire Wang Tao is a great innovation of Xinjiang (also known as the DJI), founder and CEO, this robot is a privately held company in 2015, revenue is expected to reach $ 1 billion.  

fourth place: Zhang Bangxin, worth NT $ 1.01 billion dollars, 35 years old, rich 400 list No. 317.

Zhang Bangxin was United States listed educational services a good future (TAL Educaiton) founder and Chairman.  He has a degree in Sichuan University and the China Europe international business school.  

fifth place: Wu Qiang, $ 895 million, 35 years old, rich 400 list No. 377.

Wu Qiang, a listed private equity company jiuding capital Director and Deputy General Manager, is also on the list this year, the company is one of the three richest people.  He has Southwestern University Master's degree.  

sixth place: CAI Xiao ru, worth $ 1.1 billion, $ 3.6 billion, rich 400 list ranked No. 276.  

Cai Xiaoru is listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, RFID solutions provider dahua, Chairman of wisdom.  

seventh place: peak on Monday, worth 1.2 billion dollars, 37 years old, rich 400 list No. 243.

Zhou Yifeng are alkanes, Chairman of Donghua energy clean energy suppliers. In 2008, the company listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.  She graduated from the Beijing University of Chinese medicine professionals.  

eighth place: Zhou Yahui, worth $ 2.18 billion, 38 years old, rich 400 list ranked 91st.

Zhou Yahui is China's largest online game developers and operators of Kunlun, Chairman of worldwide, the company listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in January this year, raising $ 229 million. In June, the Kunlun worldwide to United Kingdom P2P lending services company LendInvest invest $ 34 million. Kunlun worldwide was development of the angry birds of Finland Rovio Entertainment's partners in China.

Nineth place: Wu Gang, worth US $ 1.57 billion, 38 years old, rich 400 list 161th. Wu Gang is the co-founder and Chairman of jiuding cast.  Prior to the establishment of jiuding capital, he worked in cement, worked in China, an investment bank, and the China Securities Regulatory Commission.  

tenth: Li Weiwei, worth 1.45 billion dollars, 38 years old, rich 400 list was ranked 184th.

Li Weiwei (also known as Li Yifei) is the listed companies Shun prosperity Vice Chairman and General Manager of the three seven.


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