Lumpy released just ahead of the end of the capital preservation fund raising

autumn in October capital preservation fund is the most selling.  South 27th announcement, Shunda capital preservation in the South has reached 3 billion yuan to raise its limit, ended prematurely raised, Jianxin also peace of mind guaranteed second said it would also end prematurely raised, Hong Xin Bao, sdic Jing Xuan UBS capital preservation also end prematurely.  

reporters noticed, starting from mid-October, Hong Xin Bao, CITIC stable profits guaranteed 2nd, Jianxin peace of mind guaranteed second, southern Shunda capital preservation, sdic Jing Xuan UBS capital preservation over the issue.

Qiu Xiaohua, the Cathay capital preservation fund managers believe that capital preservation fund is complementary to financial products in the past, investors preferred financial products instead of the capital preservation fund, the scale of banking is far more than the size of the capital preservation.

but with the easing of monetary policy, risk-free interest rate declines once the bank financial products revenue declined to 5%, attraction of the capital preservation fund is further highlighted.  By contrast, downward to protect the principal of the capital preservation fund in the market, when the market upward may be appropriate to participate in the stock market, "who would like to receive 5%~6% income investor, will provide more room for imagination".

performance point of view, as can participate in the first half of the new, guaranteed fund performance this year than in previous years.  Related data displayed, as November 1, this year to can statistics performance of 71 only capital preservation fund average returns reached 10.96%, which huaan capital preservation, and wall long Lee capital preservation, and wall capital preservation, and Jianxin relief capital preservation, and in the sea An Xin capital preservation, and silver Hua Yongxiang capital preservation, and in the silver capital preservation, and Galaxy run Lee capital preservation, and South relief capital preservation returns are over 20%, huaan capital preservation and wall long Lee capital preservation more is respectively made 35.74% and 34.86% of returns.

according to statistics, general capital preservation fund cycle more for 3 years, accounted for than over 70%, but recently also gradually appeared shortened capital preservation cycle of products, for example days Hong Xin Ann treasure capital preservation cycle only 18 months, and previously Xinhua axin first, capital preservation, and Xinhua Ali first, capital preservation, and gold Eagle Yuan feng capital preservation, and Xinhua Xin security this first, two period, and days Hong General Hui pension capital preservation a,, and days Hong General Hui pension capital preservation b, and Hua Fuwang fiscal capital preservation, and East winner capital preservation same, and country gold Xin security this more is for industry minimum of 1 years.  For the moment, more fund companies tend to improve the liquidity of the capital preservation fund, attracting more investors.

but investors need to be aware of is that capital preservation funds only for a complete cycle, investors can only subscription in the subscription period and held to maturity in order to enjoy guaranteed if purchase or redemption in the middle in the Middle, the principal is not guaranteed.  In addition the capital preservation fund's redemption fee is high, not suitable for short-term investments.

the other hand, fund investors need to be aware that the capital preservation fund income is mostly from the first half of the new shares listing, IPO IPO moratorium in the second half, and corresponding lower yield of the capital preservation fund, essentially flat with bond funds, investors can purchase the Fund, while access to capital preservation, but also requires a relatively long term, if you want to exit in advance, which requires higher redemption fees. Prior to the IPO resumption, wanted copy proceeds in the first half of this year, almost impossible task, so you cannot have high expectations on earnings.


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