Banks ' bad loans soaring wages drop by grass-roots workers line up to resign

rate continues to increase commercial bank in this winter's life isn't easy, and grass-roots workers because of the high salaries of banks aura faded, quit rates were soaring. According to the latest disclosure of the 16 listed banks three quarterly data shows that Chinese commercial bank rate again, a certain degree of increase in the third quarter, State-owned bad bank bonds to more than 2%.

affected by this, net profit growth fell sharply, the big four banks in third-quarter net profit fell to "zero". With the uncertain economic situation, when the rate stabilization is still unknown. The grass-roots workers "line to resign" two years ago, Wei Wuhui graduated into a State-owned banks in first-tier cities. In his view, when that job stability as well as treatment of various subsidies. However, only less than a year, Wei Wuhui started chagrin, chose to resign.

"resigning for the simple reason, banks faced the emerging impact of the financial industry on the one hand, on the other hand because of its subject to the adverse effects of net profits fell. Bank can only lower wages to employees to boost its profits, before many good benefits and entitlements are now gone. "Wei Wuhui said.

also think of resigning is located in another State-owned bank work HS (not his real name). "Bank rate increased a lot, every phone call to the collection, telling customers about bad loans and, in addition, older workers have been sorting out the bad loans, other live to our new employees, very tired. "Han said with a smile. Also reported a few days ago, a State-owned banks in first-tier cities of grass-roots workers are lining up to resign, because banks are shorthanded, so most of the resignation was not approved. "State-owned banks in order not to allow individual employee resignation resignation of measures taken. "

Wei Wuhui told the Beijing News. In response, one senior said in a joint-stock commercial bank for many years, only micro-level information on behalf of individuals and do not represent the whole macro-level. The veteran said, rising bank rates will indeed have an impact on interest rates, because of bad loans increased to rely on Bank profits set aside to write off. Specifically, the Bank also has a lot of jobs, and the Bank's income structure is two pieces, a monthly, another one is a bonus. Bonuses may bring a certain amount of float, salary is according to the contract. Loan officer and Manager of the various benefits and entitlements may be affected, and their resignations are not susceptible to approval. Zeng Gang, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Research Office of the Bank by the Financial Director, this is moot.

Zeng Gang said the bank rate rise does affect the profitability and performance of the Bank; and for bank rate increased rapidly, many grass-roots workers this year's performance will be greatly reduced.

15 listed bank rate rise, in fact, there are rumors about the Bank employees lined up to resign, in large part because the Bank's bad loans soared in recent years, bad loans surged.

Beijing newspaper reporter three quarterly statistical data show that by the end of the third quarter, in the 16 listed banks, bank rates highest, 2.02%, is also the only one by one rate climbed to more than 2% of listed commercial banks. Listed joint-stock bank rate remaining at between 1.3%-1.6%, in which, China Merchants Bank, industrial bank rate exceeds 1.5%, specifically, the bank rate was 1.6%, bank rate is 1.57%. Adverse rate of State-owned listed city commercial banks and joint-stock banks at a low level, and the current rate is still at 1%, of which, Nanjing bank rate is 1.95%; bank rate is 0.94%; Bank of Ningbo rate is 0.88%.

apart from the Bank of Ningbo, and the remaining 15 listed banks ended the negative rate for the end of 2014 in the third quarter showed a certain level of increase, in which, China Merchants Bank, agricultural Bank of China, Societe Generale bank rate rises greatly, China Merchants Bank rate late last year in the third quarter rose 0.49%; bank rate late last year has risen by 0.48%; 0.47% xingye bank rate rose at the end of last year.

in this regard, the Deputy Dean of the school of Finance of Renmin University Zhao xijun, believes that current commercial bank rate on average is not high, but 2% is one of the more important watershed. In his view, bank rate below 2% are relatively healthy, except for individual banks, the current overall asset quality of banks was in a healthy condition. If the bank rate higher and more than 2%, you need to improve risk control measures in a timely manner.


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