6.6% respondents "double 11" party overspent chop hand please raise your hand

"double 11" during the day cat turnover reached 91.2 billion yuan in one day, refresh the world record. Other B2C companies store November 11 orders of more than 32 million, an increase of 130%. Marvel at Chinese consumers ' purchasing power of public opinion at the same time, many are worried that the Internet bubble, worried about irrational shop produces return rates higher, the economy can't afford.

last week, the China Youth daily social survey center network through a questionnaire for a survey conducted in 2001 were 53.8% respondents were sorted in advance of a shopping cart in the "double 11" concentrated on the day purchased. 31.7% of respondents feel "double 11" during shopping can save money, and buy a desirable commodity. Impulse spending, 56.3% respondents recommended "double 11" shopping should be planned in advance, within our capabilities. Survey, after 00, 0.4% after the 26.6%, generation accounted for 46.7%, $literal, 18.4%, post 6.1%.

36.3% by visit who annual are in "double 11" day purchase commodity "double 11" has has 7 years, survey displayed, 36.3% of by visit who annual will in day purchase commodity, 16.4% of by visit who near 5 years began participation, 24.2% of by visit who near 3 years participation "double 11" snapped up tide, 20% of by visit who occasionally participation, only 3.1% of by visit who once are not participation purchase. A company employee in Beijing Ma Xiaoli from 2014 "double 11" day of shopping. In her opinion, although the 11th day lots of people shopping, but compared to the previous price, there would be concessions. And now can shop via the mobile client, which is very convenient.

5 month of Wang Dan in a e-commerce website this year at a cost of nearly 3000. "My husband usually busy with work, and I am also not convenient, 11th I will buy some more clothes for my husband and I. ' Double 11' clothing discount big home if something missing, I will buy. "Wang Dan said, I also store some infant formula and baby clothes," when a child is born is busy hands busy in the future foot care come. "

survey displayed, clothing, and hats, and bags class (72.8%) is by visit who think "double 11" during most worth buy of commodity, second is digital, and appliances class (45%), next followed by is food, and beverage and wine (39.9%), and cosmetics, and personal nursing products (34.1%), and books audio (17.2%), and maternal and child toy (14%), and tourism, and leisure products (6.6%), and medicine health products (5.3%),. This year's "double 11", 30.3% of respondents spending 500 Yuan or below, 32.9% of respondents spend between 500 to 1000 Yuan, 20.8% of respondents between 1000 to 2000 Yuan, 9.3% of respondents between 2000 to 3000 Yuan, respondents in more than 3000 and 6.7%. 53.8% of the respondents advance ready shopping cart in the "double 11" purchased together on the day "several times before the shop is always in the 11th to see what your favorite items or price concessions will buy, and ' double ' shopping is always overrun. And bought a lot of things are idle. "

Ma Xiaoli said this year's" double 11 "she lists half a month in advance a list of goods you want to buy, and advance these products into the shopping cart," double 11 "pay on the day. "It can also be observed price changes, if the price change is small, you can usually buy".

survey displayed, 53.8% of by visit who will select ahead of finishing good shopping car, in "double 11" day concentrated purchase, 25.4% of by visit who depending on situation and set, 12.9% of by visit who for avoid express burst warehouse, select ahead of purchase, 6.2% of by visit who decided not fun, and postponed consumption, only 1.6% of by visit who in "double 11" during completely not consumption. Yao Jianfang, an analyst of China's e-Commerce Research Center believes that consumers are shopping more emphasis on price, quality, relevance, and other factors. Price driven, many consumers will be for a long time concentrated purchasing power of "double 11" on this day, resulting in a focus on consumer behavior.

"but also did not rule out the consumers because the price-induced and irrational behavior caused by addiction to online shopping."

survey 31.7% of respondents consider themselves "double 11" buy into the heart during goods also saves money; 31.5% of respondents felt they overspent, but can withstand the; 26.6% of respondents believe their purchases within the plan, belongs to the rational purchase; 6.6% of respondents admitted serious cost overruns and wanted to chop his hands.


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