Deposit interest rate ceilings open up a price war on city commercial banks bite the emerging concerns

central bank interest rate cuts, and let the market into a "negative interest rate" era, but Madden was, the opening of deposit interest rate floating range for each bank deposit rates have "pricing power". Beijing business daily journalist found in the survey, is the most radical city commercial banks, city commercial bank's interest rate reached 50% or higher. But in the context of easy credit, how to balance between loan and deposit interest rate difference? City commercial banks at floating interest rates there is a lot of hidden worries behind.

Beijing business today after reporters found that the five rows of various grades of fixed deposit interest rates with the benchmark interest rate fell 0.25%, shares of China Merchants Bank in (17.83,-0.10,-0.56%) with its five lines, various interest rates, floating around 22%. After the release the deposit interest rate ceilings, city and rural Commercial Bank funding costs rise no doubt will be larger than the other banks. Harbin Bank after media reported the highest interest rate floating 67%, channel banks are floating above 80%, this commercial news reporters to call the people of Harbin Bank, Beijing understands that the Bank on October 29 to adjustments in interest rates, previously to not change interest rates, adjusted 1-year fixed deposit interest rate floating range in 46.46%.

adjust the interest rate on October 30 of the same channel Bank. Beijing business today reporter interviewed 10 city commercial banks found that most city commercial banks float interval in 40%, Hubei Bank, the Quanzhou by 50%. Although the eye of floating interest rates to attract more depositors, the Bank can reduce the outflow of funds, but, in contrast, the gap between lending and deposit rates and charging increasingly narrow. It is understood that the difference between deposit rates and lending rates is around 3%, but if the loan interest rates are rising, that gap may be narrowing in 2%.

However, the city firm "teeth" behind the float, insiders say, small and medium banks significantly increased the pressure of competition, small and medium banks likely will be higher than the average deposit interest rates, lending rates may be lower than average, resulting in increased costs, reduced earnings, but stronger bargaining power of the big commercial banks, have to a large float. Open ceilings on deposit rates would also allow financial institutions to trends in assets and liabilities is more obvious. Another banker with respect, although small banking customers are customers such as micro-loans will definitely have floating interest rates, but current credit conditions easing, even if the float may not be too high. But city commercial bank only through the eye, the current situation is awkward. Standard Chartered Bank analysts say, low interest rate environment and will continue in the coming years, to leave room for China to accept negative real interest rates.

before the end of the year there will be a round drop (0.5%), unless the CPI continues to decline, before the end of the year will not continue to cut interest rates. But in the current market environment, the interest rate marketization impact on market interest rates should be limited. August the Central Bank canceled the one-year deposit interest rate floating ceiling above. Liquidity is still abundant environment, commercial banks ' deposit interest rates significantly lower than the current deposit interest rate ceilings.


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