Individual income tax cutoff point for low-income families and welfare or improve the

recently learned from the national people's Congress financial and Economic Committee, and Finance Committee recommended that the relevant departments in integrated and taken into account in the reform of personal income tax points made by representatives, law proposals submitted in due time.

according to legal daily November 19 reported, in this year March held of 12 session national NPC three times Conference during, Wang Faliang, 30 bit representative, and Liu Shaoying, 30 bit representative proposed two pieces motion think, in recent years personal income tax method of lag increasingly highlights, working proceeds of up levy points still needed improve, personal income tax method six times modified ignored has working proceeds taxpayers zhiwai of other workers, missing anti-avoidance tax, international tax content, recommends modified personal income tax method. Treasury think, on improve up levy points, in next integrated and classification phase combined of personal income tax business reform will be on personal income tax costs deduction problem for and manpower research and consider; on other proceeds project of there costs standard, other proceeds and working proceeds of meter tax method, and tax different,

tax cannot simple compared; on personal overseas avoidance tax, will further strengthening and related sector and other national tax sector tie, strengthened outside proceeds of a tax collection. What is the personal income tax?

adjustment of personal income tax is the tax authorities and to natural persons (residents and non-resident persons) between the individual income tax levy and management in the course of the legal regulation of social relations in General.

now what collection? September 1, 2011, the Chinese mainland income tax exemption level to 3500. Wage a tax of calculation formula for: should tax amount = (wage salary proceeds-"five insurance a gold"-deduction number) x applies tax-rapid calculation deduction number a tax exemption amount is 3500, using excess progressive tax of calculation method following: tax = full months should tax proceeds amount * tax-rapid calculation deduction number real sent wage = should sent wage-four gold-tax.

monthly taxable income = (salary-four Golden)-3500 deduction: individual income tax threshold for 3500 RMB/month standard is if someone's wages to 5000 Yuan, his personal income tax payable as follows: (5000-3500) X3%-0=45 ().

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