Worried about credit card do? Five ways to ease repayment

in the two-third, universal nature of the shopping spree, maxed out credit cards have become a common phenomenon. If not paying will have an adverse credit history, cardholders will be future loans and other acts affecting the smooth. How to ensure the timely and convenient repayment has become cut hands are the party most concerned issues. To this end, the journalists visited the provincial capital a number of banks about credit card payments "doorway".

credit card excessive caution "overrun" literally understood, maxed out lines of credit card is a credit card run out means, such as 10,000 credit card, brush is 10,000 yuan if "bursting" can no longer be brushed.

but in fact this is not the case, the industry, maxed out credit cards there is an often overlooked concept behind, is that over-limit credit card. Over limit charge refers to the cardholder in a billing cycle, the accumulated usage credits on the billing day exceeded credit limit approved by the issuer, popular, is run out of lines to brush. According to the Central Bank provides credit card maximum overload 10%.

broadly speaking, 10,000 credit card, brush to 11000 RMB is "maxed out", can no longer be brushed thoroughly. While most banks exceeding limits swipe fees, fees for excess 5%. Therefore, the need to be reminded of credit card holders is, after the expiration of the credit card bill, arrears in a timely manner within the original line of control, or else pay the "over-limit fee". However, for most solvent for cardholders, such negligence can avoid overdue. Five payment methods have their advantages and disadvantages reporter learned that, at present, there are five basic method of repayment of the credit card, namely the network counter payments, banking self-service equipment payments, online payments, automatic payments and third-party payments.

dot counter is the most secure payment, or trustor shall go to the counter with a card or card number and pay business, no traveling time, immediately save immediately accounted for. If the person concerned is not convenient to the credit card bank payments, banking payments and online banking payments are convenient choices. Through Internet banking, telephone banking, mobile phone banking and ATM machine to pay convenient and fast, but there is risk of disclosing account information.

for example login phishing sites by mistake, will make the disclosure of personal information and endanger the property. In addition, each launch capacity for credit card payments, banks tolerance service, some banks automatically enforced by the system, some banks require cardholders by phone to apply for delayed repayments, banks tolerance time 2-5 days when, the cardholder must ensure that the deadline will pay a late payment in a bank account. Overall, the advantages of automatic payment that is both safe and efficient. Bank staff, automatic debt repayment is somewhat similar to mortgage payments, the repayment dates, the Bank will automatically debit from the customer the amount deducted for the month.

Automatic repayment of the overwhelming majority of banks are bound business, by contrast, this way are more likely to avoid the cardholder forget the payment due date, risk is relatively small, but make sure the card has sufficient funds or late fees and interest, personal credit. Card will be "there" in recent years, third-party payments for its convenience by young people respected, such as Alipay, Lucia Lacarra, etc.

but staff reminds us of the third party payment platform into account and deposit with time differences, sometimes causing delays in repayment. PayPal may leak or risky. Therefore, the Bank suggested a cardholder, a few days before the repayment date the repayment, the time difference, and formal official website on pay. Optimal payments to repay the balance and minimum payment mode. Because credit card payments directly related to personal credit records.

once a cardholder has a record of late payments, after buying a House, a car and other applications for commercial bank loans, there may be obstacles.


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