Global female pay equality of males ten years behind most of Northern Europe

2015 of the World Economic Forum global gender gap report, 2015 global level ten years ago women earning only about men.

public information displays, the World Economic Forum is an unofficial international organization, headquartered in Switzerland, Geneva.  Its predecessor was the "European Forum", also called "Davos Forum".  

it is understood that this year's report covers 145 countries around the world, for those countries in health, education, economic and political indicators to assess the gender gap between men and women.

from the economic perspective, the past ten years, and has a population of 250 million new women entering the labour market in the world, but women's participation in economic opportunities are still lower than men's, and the gap is not narrowing. Especially in the "equal pay for equal work" or "labour force participation" two gaps, since 2009, has not improved. 2015 women currently pay only about a decade ago, men received.  Reported by this trend, and to complete elimination of economic disparities between men and women have to wait 118 years.

the Nordic countries remain the State of gender equality in the world. And because of the widening pay gap, and changes in ministerial leadership, and United States (28th) ranking, down eight places from last year. China's sex ratio at birth rates fall further, to score and ranking has declined slightly, down four places to 91st ranked.


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