Bank ATM found in "glue party" have been deceived 10,005

beware recently recently go to the ATM to withdraw money at the ATM to withdraw money police found that note of ATM machines were 502 glue, paste on the fuselage "ATM teller machine instructions"! After the public discover card was swallowed, and is called "description" on the telephone, and then follow the "customer service" message transfer, so crooks succeeded ... People have been lying to 1815 also occurred on November 6, Changshu surnamed Cao to withdraw money, have encountered the same situation.

been cheated by cheat 1 Changshu 14809 Yuan the morning of November 6, Tower of Changshu party police station received a report, ICBC at Red Bridge (601398, unit) ATM withdrawal, was defrauding 14809! She was on North haiyu road, industrial and Commercial Bank ATM machines to withdraw money, find ATM machine spitting money, called the ATM machine on the "customer service", operate according to the requested transfer, so MS Cao was lied to 1815.

police said it was the "glue party" deceitful tricks. Use glue block them out of money, and then posted a fake customer service phone, set a trap, just call the phone number above, you will fall into the liars trap, at present criminal suspects have been detained. Say ATM machine fraud, and varied in various ways, to tell everyone, beware of deception:

common scams and

tricks: criminals emergency notices or notices posted on the self-service equipment, require customers to transfer funds to the specified account, or follow some tips before you can withdraw money.


1, do not believe in self posted request to place on the device to the specified account, notice or notice

2, if self-help fails, the Bank will turn machine off, suspended.

trick two: using stolen bank card information, copying the same bank card, by using fake bank cards stolen cash.


1, withdrawals when self-help devices there is no extra equipment such as slot;

2, do not discard the transaction slip;

3, a bank card password should not be exposed to others;

4, enter the password, to prevent others from peeking.

deception III: criminals cash in advance with foreign bodies blocking withdrawals takes no money left, then take out the money.


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