Finance and investment the three dark "cuisine" did you try?

following the "fried cakes with tomato" and "tomatoes stewed quail eggs" and other well-known dark after cooking, China Civil Aviation College canteens and then launched a new dish "scallion fried whole cucumbers."  This dish came out, netizens have sparked off a wave of University dining room dark cooking competitions to orgasm.

a few "famous" why are netizens as "dark restaurant"? The reason, or because of their "mix and match" style is too garish, after all, is a rare combination of tomatoes and cakes. However, speaking of "mixed style", financial planner had to refer to the fields of finance and investment the three dark "cuisine".  

now we see three broad dark "cuisine", have you tried yet?

1, the stock + spot

when it comes to "mix and match" investments, we have to say a few words "stock + spot" this wonderful combination. Although gains in shares and cash are high, but the risk is not small, select this portfolio investors in addition to a good psychological quality, also need sufficient funds and bear the investment risk.  If you do not have this, it is recommended that investors choose robust portfolio, such as "stock + steady advantage select Fund", you can spread the risk, and to improve their overall investment returns.

2, bank deposit + national debt

compared to the "stock + spot" combinations, "bank deposit + bond" combination is normal. However, normal and is not a good combination, in contrast, bank deposits and bonds are low-risk, low-return investment, to ensure financial security, but to little benefit.  Investment in order to benefit if choose "bank deposit + bond" portfolio, family assets which have increased opportunities?

3, bank deposit + bank financial products

in the process of financing, probably to save trouble, may also be unable to bear the importuning of sales staff, finance and many people are willing to choose "one-stop" services. For example, in a bank deposit, also purchased some of the Bank's financial products.

in fact, this portfolio isn't particularly wise, first bank deposit and bank financial products of low income, benefit if you want to invest, it is not an ideal choice.  Secondly, once the Central Bank's policy changes, this combination of two different kinds of investment will be affected, with no exception.

financial planning is the most important and reasonable, different people for different solutions. In investment banking, the "mix" is a more common type of investment ideas.

Carlingford Reid financial planner reminders, if according to the individual's actual financial situation, choosing the right portfolio, will be able to effectively diversify risks, so as to improve their overall investment returns.


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