The five "grandiose" prodigal behavior do you have?

life between people and environment, balance different financial management concepts and behaviors will naturally differ, especially as many "grandiose" managing people, prodigal buried problems. In this regard, the author summed up the life of five common prodigal "grandiose" behavior, see do you have?

If so, quickly corrected.

"grandiose" behavior a: money is go "money is go" often said this words of people, or he very rich, material needs are has meet, just spirit Shang sought pleasure; or is he no money, think himself hard earned to money, such said is in "comfort" himself, fear injury self-esteem, actually is escape reality, behavior Shang of weak, forever such down, only is lifetime of poor. Such people want change, "money will come and go", "and so have money and finance and investment", and so on, you don't say, is also active on the lucrative action, work towards promotion and pay rise.

"flamboyant" behaviour: eg purgatory as the saying goes, "the tree to skin, yaolian people." Chinese people are very concerned about face-saving is an indisputable fact that, but Wi need a degree too much care about their face, is likely to rise as inferior mental problems. Usually the more inferior person, more caring about themselves, often in order to maintain "face", "grandiose", created a "respectable purgatory" embarrassing situations, such as Yaohan Department stores in Hong Kong, in order to "face", blind expansion, and ultimately fell into financial troubles. In our lives, a lot of people in order to save face, to buy bigger houses than others; people buy a car, my home to buy a car, but also to more luxurious than people, is beyond its capacity, and ultimately quality of life will be affected.

the "grandiose" Act three: three days of fishing two days do not have to do anything "tztz" grandiose behavior, otherwise end up nothing. Particularly with regard to investment, it is a constant battle, first to develop good financial habits overnight, you need to "catch" the endurance. Account, for example, not only can seek to understand the individual and details of household income and expenditures, can also help control unnecessary spending, but daily accounts people do not see it through. In addition, money management, you also need to keep learning investment knowledge, understand financial information, investment practices and summarizes the financial experience to just go for a long time.

the "grandiose" Act IV: investment is to invest money a lot more people just want to make a lot of money, is running with the money, so in selecting investment projects, choose the highest return, this is typical of the "grandiose". You know, high returns must be with a high risk of, for example, stocks, a very high rate of return invested 500,000 a day trading 10%, will earn about 50,000 yuan a day, but some wage earners more than half a year's salary. But what about the risks behind, once fell into the trap of the dealer, 500,000 yuan of money will all be lost within days. Therefore, I would like to remind man of this behavior, finance and investment need to be cautious, speculative gambling should not be.

  "grandiose" behavior five: more buy insurance, guarantees more full pure guarantees class insurance, determine can up to prevention family risk of role, but is not insurance buy of more more, guarantees on more complete, even repeat insured only will is "no hard", this is a "grandiose" practices, you purchase of insurance more more, also means with you need paid of premium also more more.

If your income is reduced, when to pay higher premiums, would have faced an awkward dilemma. So, in my opinion, must buy insurance according to the age, occupation, income, the actual situation and needs to the right choice insurance.


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