Wang: 5-10 Beijing House prices continued to rise does not rule out over 100,000

can become rich, there must be more than ordinary people's forte. Such as Li Ka-shing, keen eye, smell and successfully survived the financial turmoil all the time. This year, surpassing Wang Li Ka-shing, Asia's richest man, has a keen insight. His most recent speech, is still struggling in Beijing's "no room", squeezed the sweat.

property prices in the past two years was relatively stable, especially with downward pressure on Chinese economy in 2015, and said goodbye to the past high growth phase of the real estate industry, also has several smaller partners in the home industry this year. In Wang's view but the situation will not last long, he said the next 5-10 years, Beijing's housing prices will continue to rise. Why Wang analysis, because there can not be found to replace the industry's "big train".

12%-13% real estate now accounts for GDP, together with related industries, such as building materials building mechanical and electrical decoration, it is estimated that about a quarter of China's GDP one-fourth to 30%, such a big engine not running now, up to other industries, with little effect. More concern is future Beijing prices will rise to it? Really going to break 100,000? Mr Wang said he also expects, but he stressed that this must be a continued process.


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