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The credit card you have to be guarded against financial risk

The credit card you have to be guarded against financial risk

using credit card interest-free period to finance, has become more and more young professionals "earn extra money" new channels. Weekday Consumer use of credit cards, pay and deposits to investment products, repayment when repayment on time, this time earned income is "pure profit".  But after 360 reminder, credit card financing is still more or less at risk, smaller partners have to be guarded against.

risk: funds being tied up

many kayou usually stocks, once the stock market bullish on buying, wanted to be able to take the opportunity to make a killing.  As everybody knows, the stock market risks, may fall after the market surged, and if not being able to throw, this money will be tied up.  

funds tied up not only affect individual economic conditions, if unable to repay a credit card due to a lack of Fund, will also affect personal credit, impact on future loans, cards, etc, or even because "overdrawing" criminally.  

risk II: credit card is Derating

If usually have bad habits with or credit card is a security risk, the Bank will monitor credit card, and to reduce the amount of processing.  

If the cardholder spending on weekday only a credit card deposit invested heavily in financial products, then Derating will seriously affect daily life.

risk: benefit reduced

kayou weekday habits check function is now using a credit card, and find financial products revenues to cope with cash withdrawal fees and interest.  However, most financial products revenue is not stable, also under the influence of changes in the market, yields drop is also possible.

once benefit greatly reduced, then often withdraw kayou is a little candle. Because credit card cash not only need to pay a fee, still need to pay five out of 10,000 daily interest, financial products ' revenue if not higher than the expenses, then the "money" is a failure.


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