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Love money, credit cards save you about girls

Love money, credit cards save you about girls

writing a love letter, "Street" to date whose time has gone, this day and age not to fancy restaurant meal, not incidentally, watch a movie, sorry that are appointment!! Love money, swollen do? Credit cards to help you save money about sister

1, with good variety of movies coupons, food coupons

in order to increase the amount of opening, many banks offer credit cards low prices buy movie ticket promotions. For example, China CITIC bank credit card holders on May 15, 2015, to March 31, 2016 to meet the conditions to get the activities and interests, interests of each can be purchased at a price of 9/number of tickets 2.

Everbright, perfect without exception, 10 off the movie offers.

China Merchants Bank credit card 9 score food, food coupons and 50 percent activity the majority of kayoure held on Wednesday, many people at these welfare cards; Bank of China credit card, Sofitel Hotel Hotel buffet, buffet, two men, one free ... ... These can save you a lot of money

2 buy one get one free, participation in activities

to guangfa credit card, for example, from now on, from the end of just GF guangfa credit card sharing day, beer and Skittles are buy one get one form. 153 home merchant participate in, brings together national 41 a city, absolute affordable, not letter see following of pictures ~~~ peace bank credit card also is to force, now up to July 13, 2016, flat Ann bank credit card of kayou, can in national 36 a city of Leopard, and Imperial MOM, and Zoo coffee, and place well-known hotel, specified stores, and specific time enjoy folding or eat a sent a food offers activities. GF credit card buy a sent a participate in merchant

3, and participate in full reduction activities

ABC Saturday taste thousand ramen full 100 State reduction 50, Bank Saturday Pizza Hut full 100 State reduction 50 (as to January 31, 2016), and Saturday mass reviews full 50 State reduction 10 Yuan, Pu sent Bank King products steak full 400 State reduction 200 Yuan, and week 41 Yuan snapped up every day Orchard fruit...... Countless other activities, do you feel swollen?


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