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Sector disputes or defer estate tax legislation will process

Sector disputes or defer estate tax legislation will process

"Central explicitly demanded that the fiscal reform and focus on basic things to 2016 to make, from tax reform, now 6 major tax reform progress has been slow. "Jia Kang, said that, first of all, gives increased modified schedules clearly require the mobile to be completed this year, covering all industries, but left at the end of one month can truly covered real estate, financial services, see. Second, the reform of resource taxes in 2014 has a good Setup, but 2015 no resources tax ad valorem levy to cover the issues which continued after the coal industry.  Third, the consumption tax and no further developments in this regard.

said Jia Kang, environmental taxes, real estate taxes, personal income taxes, these three taxes in the legislation, and go through the legislative process or to modify or establish the tax law before considering the actual levy issues. Regret to say that, so far, very limited progress in this area. "The hotly contested real estate tax was officially included in the legislative plan of the national people's Congress.

but now hear some information and its tone and seems to be the relevant departments in this regard, there is a clear dispute and the possible results of this controversy in the internal cause is that delay had been included in the planning process. When entering a trial? first instance when property taxes after seeking the views of society? when other programs? now the uncertainty is more obvious. "


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