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Loans to buy a House and buy a house-wide advantages and disadvantages compared

Loans to buy a House and buy a house-wide advantages and disadvantages compared

all buyers spending less

Although paying more money for the first time, but from the total amount to buy, may be exempt from all fees and bank interest rates. Moreover, the lump-sum payment you can bargain with developers, further savings in purchase. At present, the lump-sum purchase of commercial housing to give certain discounts, has basically become a ref uniform promotions, but discounts are different.  

purchase of a total value of 1 million Yuan House, one-time payment, 3% offers developers, only this one can save 30,000 yuan of housing expenditures.

process simply

buy direct purchase contracts with the developer and save their time.  For people who buy second homes, besides eliminating the need for loan rates rising expenditures, save time and energy in dealing with Bank.

easy shot

from an investment point of view, all pay to buy a House and then sell more convenient, not constrained by a bank loan if the property price rise, transfer cash fast, quit easy.  Even if they do not want to sell, financial difficulties, and can contribute to the housing mortgage bank.



the whole House, for buyers with economic foundation is weak, will be a big burden.  If not flush with cash, one-time purchase of inputs is too large, may affect the buyers of other investments.


for most houses for sale real estate buyers choose one-time payments will increase the buyers risk. Select a one-time payment, property buyers in the pre-sales stage will be asked to pay all cash, and the signing of the sale contract.  However, in the process, a lot of pre-sale flats there are five cards not all problems, although sales commitment within a certain time period to complete procedures, but for buyers, but full of the unknown variables, one of the biggest problems is the "record".


for the people who purchased the auction, if the developer fails to launch, or due to insufficient funds or other reasons, cannot complete delivery and engineering "bust", then delivered the full amount of the interest of buyers it is possible to lose more, or even all boondoggle.


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