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Home buyers down payment is expected to cut the first set or into 20%

Home buyers down payment is expected to cut the first set or into 20%

industry noted that the real estate market as a whole is facing oversupply situation, some city property prices is also due to high inventories.

Vice President of National Chiao Tung University President Club real estate finance Xiao Li says, "from an overall perspective, the real estate industry has entered a new stage, but glory does not appear again and again.  "

Yang Hongxu, Deputy Director of the Institute of real estate's view is that pressure to China's stable economic growth is still high, and this requires stable development of real estate, continue to inventory, increased enterprise expansion capabilities to promote the recovery of real estate investment.  

Yang Hongxu pointed out that 45 real estate policy will generally keep warm State, real estate regulatory policy can be strategy and short-term strategies to look at.

Yang Hongxu, medium term, urbanization and the household registration system reform will be the key. The short term, one is a problem of individual housing loans, down payments are expected to fall further; fiscal and taxation policy, sales tax is expected to relief; monetary policy, mortgage rates have reached historic lows, it remains to be seen whether interest rate cuts before the end of another important aspect is the slum.  

in June this year, the State Council issued the proposed "three-year plan to" increase the intensity of reconstruction, a new shed to rebuild once again sped up.  

Deputy Inspector of the Ministry of housing and urban-rural housing Division, Liu Xia said earlier, Ministry of housing and promoting housing stock transfer housing placement, and vigorously promote the currency shed modified placed, select the currency as some local awards 20% compensation, rehousing the residents of float, which can meet the diversification of housing needs of ordinary people, and conducive to the promotion of the real estate market.

squatter resettlement there are two ways: one is the physical place, monetizing other is placed.  Liu pointed out that if the real estate market has plenty of housing stock, to meet the housing needs of the squatters, that are independent of the new houses, direct monetization solution.

Xinhuanet, the "Thirteen-Five" China will speed up the transformation and upgrading of urban and rural planning.  At present, China's urbanization rate reached 54.77%, according to the new town of target by 2020, urbanization rate will exceed 60%, means more of the rural population into urban life.

industry insiders believe, shanty is the most easier to control and the operation of Government. Meanwhile, monetized the way high solve the inventory problem.


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