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Credit investment credit be careful cashing suspect!

Credit investment credit be careful cashing suspect!

one is the individual credit risks. Credit card banks under the supervision of every consumer. Cardholder billing start date line of having almost all of credit cards, use of funds in the same place, and regularly do this every month, the Bank could easily monitor the abnormal consumption.

typically banks are found in this (to judge? ) To cardholders credit card bad now, stop the user's credit card and issuing of cautions; light is used to gradually reduce the amount of users a way to make "penalties", regardless of the approach, will leave a serious record in bank credit Center.

second is financial risk. It's easy, online lending platform once a crash or problem occurs, funds are not returned in a timely manner when the cardholder is required to find their own prepared funds to pay off credit cards. Investment funds can be recovered is still unknown. Third, legal risk.

envisaged about, if loan people cannot full, and on time returned corresponding payments, holding card people also cannot itself reimbursement caused late words, on will was finds for "knows no repayment capacity and large overdraft, cannot returned" or "wanton squandered overdraft of funds, cannot returned" "other illegal occupies funds, refused to returned of behavior", then holding card people will suspected criminal, will by legal of sanctions, consequences quite serious!


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