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Banking on the back, what is the cleverest?

Banking on the back, what is the cleverest?

When you apply for a credit card, are generally required to complete telephone, family ties and personal contact phone banks will call back when the information in the assessment of applicants.  Small thaw recently heard a friend complain, its own bank back when abused badly, a credit card was rejected.

when the Bank back to the original, this dude was drunk on the dinner: Hi, not able to think clearly, articulate does not jump out, they see, but also with a Huff. Meimei teeth along with customer service, "thank you for your cooperation, bye!  "Friend's credit card application form was stamped with a red cross.

facing the Bank back, how can I do to face, in order?  Little melting for you below!  

1, will have you fill out on the important information written on a small piece of (but if back), portable, easy to accept the return of bank customer service at any time.

2, when you don't know how to answer customer questions, and must not say do not know or a fabrication, you can find an excuse to "cell phone signal is not very good, you call back in a few minutes, please?  "And then quickly find information waiting for a return visit.

3, when asked: "where she was sent to you. "Must answer to the address on the information or address, otherwise it was rejected. (This article is summed up the experience of their predecessors. )

4, customer service may ask irrelevant questions, such as

: do you know who you? (Who may have application at this bank credit card) If you do not know can answer "might be this person, but we have too many people, I'm not familiar with him. "


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