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Guangfa credit card Beijing Dong white 4238 suffered temporary freezing

Guangfa credit card Beijing Dong white 4238 suffered temporary freezing

Jingdong white with a credit card, the interest-free period of up to 80 days. This is not, in order to use the extra long interest-free period, from a small thaw in Beijing took to the street in the East. Guangfa credit card today Beijing Dong white 4238, suffered temporary freezing for the first time.  Small thaw today experience scared me!

1, Jing dong white bills

small thaw has a guangfa credit card in hand, volume 30000 and 19th for the billing date, then choose 20th Jingdong guangfa credit card or white.  2 Beijing, Eastern white this month: an installment payment full payment order, an order, a total of 4000 +.  

would also be smug on my wit, unexpectedly received temporary freeze from guangfa credit card 95508 messages.  

2, Guangdong Development Bank credit card SMS

guangfa credit card CITIC sent a text message: for your security, has temporarily frozen the cards, if you clear the transaction please reply within 3 days KTEKE**** the lifting of the freeze, if you have any questions for enquiry 95508.

3, call the guangfa credit card customer service

I always behave with, has never been afraid to owe any money to the Bank, good one! Wish this amount of 30000, now 4238 consumption freeze card?

simply call the guangfa credit card customer service 95508 asked what it was. Customer service verifying this for himself after the last consumption today, continue to answer, said: "this risk assessment for guangfa credit card system, if indeed I spend reply message to thaw frozen.  "After hanging up, small thaw by text message, operation, credit cards immediately thawed.

Guangdong Development Bank for all credit card security and temporary freezing mechanisms, mainly worried about card holders credit cards stolen by others brush. Friends, if you later encounter the same problem, don't panic, press SMS instructions to defrost.


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