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Long distance relationships hard? Selected credit card help

Long distance relationships hard? Selected credit card help

early this morning Twitter hot searches is "Korea LDR couples" account: this couple is Danbi Shin Seok and Li,Danbi in New York, Seok in Seoul, there is a 14-hour time difference between the two cities. They filmed "half & half" picture for their long distance relationship, this "half & half" plan, not only took two photos spliced together, and their life together.  Original, romantic and touching of a long distance relationship can be fancy dog abuse.

small thaw think, real of feelings is can beat time and space of, but offsite love also does has many of problem: she sick has, you cannot first time put drug and water sent to mouth; he in company of games Shang shine, and you of refueling sound only through phone passed past; fight of when see missing each other of expression, alone of when find not to each other of shoulder... So our LDR couples who meet and spend more time is necessary.  

benefits to these credit cards can be your escort date.

Citi run card: points can be exchanged by 12:1 more than more than 70 global airline mileage and points never expire. Currently almost all of the credit card is a card and an airline group, Citi mileage points can not only exchange the world over more than 70 Airlines miles card, 12:1 the exchange rate certainly feelings.  

Meanwhile, 700 airport lounge services and aviation insurance is enough to attract up to 5 million people.

business cards: Christmas ctrip business card, ping an bank credit card, and ctrip Gold membership. Activate and use card c Member, login c, namely exclusive ctrip Gold membership subscription rights, accumulating multiple ctrip points. Telephone/Internet reservation get 1.5 times times points, 1.7 times the ctrip wireless booking points.  GF 7 days card, available in 7 day card 3 times GF points accumulated.

the furthest distance in the world is not between life, but her waist in my heating in the North, you're wrapped in mink in the South wind. So hurry up, rejoice in your picture will be warm this winter.


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