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Bad credit records to remove?

Bad credit records to remove?

credit cards, loans do not settle in the repayment time allotted is overdue, overdue to myself what impact? Late buddy, here's a situation you will encounter! Late consequences of hard to save enough money, I went to the sales office to buy that fancy long House, ran to the Bank loan, Bank colleagues do credit card around a capital, also picking up gifts.

just removed a credit card and want to apply for a results Bank extending a "hand of friendship" that is most intuitive consequences because of late. Depending on the degree of late, of course, if the circumstances are serious will not not just credit, do not credit cards, court jailed there. Overdue not so serious, penalty interest, warning. Is late they would be branded, irreparable? No, late though it is a frustrating thing, but when you realize that you want to manage your credit problems, will always have a solution to the problem. Records are not past due is a scourge after credit card or loan is overdue, will be recorded on the Central Bank credit.

however not just overdue will be recorded on the bank credit, such as late a few days you will only record on the bank card system, and will not be recorded on the bank credit. When you apply for loans, credit cards, is the central credit record shall prevail. If you just don't care a few days late, but easy card, you can apply for credit cards of other banks.

If overdue for more than 3 months or more, will be recorded on the bank credit system which is commonly known as the "black record". When applying for loans, credit cards, apply for banks at the Central Bank inquiry the applicant's credit records, if the applicant had the "blacklist" record, with loans, credit cards, say byebye!


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