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Overdraft love how team returned?

Overdraft love how team returned?

another 0:0, Chinese soccer team in a World Cup Asian zone qualifying group only theory may be, no matter how many times the face of Hong Kong's two games in the column, in the box, miscarriage of Justice, such a result is clearly far from being fans look forward to. Every national team game, fans want to see positive progress, the national team has its own characteristics, but often fail to get what they want.  Like parents treat their children like we treat our team: anger each time it does not dispute, every time and can easily forgive.  

as a fan do not understand ball, small melt would like to stand on a credit card editing point of view his team's expectations.

too many fans love Soccer overdraw, fans expect them to achieve full repayment.  But based on the current situation of Chinese football, I want to see the team "through the monthly minimum payment to gradually pay off": every competition we see progress, and the gap between soccer powers, we will also continue to shrink.

credit card holders in the face of huge credit card bills, improve their income level is the best solution because the throttle may affect the quality of life, open source can improve life skills. Small financial believes that football open source is also important, only we have enough good players emerging, virtuous cycle leads, team strength will slowly improve.  So we should give the Academy a number of concern and support.

credit card repayments overdue affect personal credit, malicious overdraft don't pay serious will be punished by law, but banks are not joined in order to control card to join a list, but to give the cardholder repayment on time.  Similarly, fans want football back overdraft love, not paid for before regret, but look forward to football can continue to progress.

love requires trust, please give Chinese football a little more time! Learning visit to Britain to visit Manchester City Football Club, hope and United Kingdom soccer cooperation Xu Genbao privately bought West b Club, paving the way for developing young players; around the campus soccer is rising; the ultra is attracting more and more attention; constant match up from AFC Champions ... This makes small thaw saw the possibilities of Chinese football in the future.


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